The Kickstarter for our FULL-LENGTH ALBUM has launched!

Holy moly, it’s happening! 

We are thrilled and nervous and bursting with pride to announce that Mouths of Babes has just launched the Kickstarter for our FIRST FULL-LENGTH ALBUM! 

Here it is: 

We are so excited make a beautiful album that is worthy of your belief in us. The songs are ready, the studio is ready, we’re ready - but we can't do this without you! 

We'd love for you to be a part of this album from the very beginning - to not just enjoy what it ends up being, but to know that you've personally helped bring it into the world. 

Here’s how to join in: 

Watch our little video. Search your heart to see what amount feels good and which rewards seem most exciting to you. Every single dollar makes a huge difference. Warm fuzzies and good karma points guaranteed at every donor level! 

We know everyone is super busy, so please spread the word in whichever way feels easiest for you - Twitter, Facebook, emails, phone calls, and texts are all good! Adding a personal message as to WHY people should support our campaign will help a ton. 

In order to make our goal, we’ll need to reach beyond our personal circles and loyal MoB fanbase - so, if you’ve been meaning to tell some folks in your life about MoB, NOW is the time. :) 

Please join us on this wild ride! You are the wind beneath our wings. Seriously. 

Ready, set, GO! 

Thank you from the bottom of our little folksinging hearts, 
Ty & Ingrid 

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