It's 2018!  You've been wanting to learn to play the guitar for a while now.  Maybe you even made a resolution, but aren't sure where to start.  Maybe you just want to learn enough guitar to be able to sing songs, alone or with friends.

I think we need MORE SINGING and MORE MUSIC in the world in 2018. 

So for 2018, I'll be taking on 5 BEGINNING GUITAR STUDENTS who are determined to learn guitar once and for all.

My teaching philosophy is simple: Let's get you playing songs as quickly as possible. That's what it's all about!

Above all, playing guitar should be FUN. So don't expect to learn a bunch of theory and scales right away.  DO expect to get what you need to play some actual songs, even if your previous attempts have failed. 

Because of my other obligations, I'll only be taking on 5 STUDENTS, so this is first come, first served!  

If you have any questions about whether these lessons are right for you, contact me and I'll get back to you right away.

Love & music,
xo Ty

P.S. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for Frequently Asked Questions as well as my personal recommendations for starter guitars & accessories.

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Q: What are the technical requirements for online lessons?

A: You must have 1) a computer, laptop, or tablet, 2) a high-speed broadband WIFI connection, and 3) Skype installed on your computer. To install Skype, go here. (If you prefer Facetime or another app, or you need help getting Skype set up, let me know.) 

Q: What will the first lesson be like?

A: I'll call you at the appointed time on Skype. Once we've established a connection, we'll chat for about 5-10 minutes about your current level of guitar knowledge (if any) and your goals. Then we'll get started! (Any time lost to technical difficulties will not count towards your lesson time.)

Q: How long should my first lesson be?

A: I recommend an hour for your first lesson as there's often a lot to cover. If an hour isn't possible, a half hour is fine. We'll still make headway!

Q: I'm a total beginner. I don't even know how to hold or tune a guitar. Is that OK?

A: Yes, no problem! We'll start with the basics.

Q: I know a few chords already. Is that OK?

A: Sure! We'll start wherever you are.

Q: I don't have a guitar yet. Can you recommend one?

A: A highly recommended starter guitar is the Fender CC-60S ($199), a "great-sounding, comfortable guitar for all ages" (Wirecutter). Although I've never personally played this guitar, I've heard good things about it for years. You can also get a package version, which for another $30 includes a hard case, strap, tuner, polishing cloth, strings, picks, and an instructional DVD. Another excellent option is the Yamaha FS800, also $199, which has a slightly thinner sound than the Fender, but is similar in terms of overall feel and playability. I would advise against spending much less than $200, as the very cheap models often will have string buzz or other problems. On the other hand, spending more than $300 or $400 for your first guitar is not really necessary. You can always upgrade (and/or trade in) later!

Q: What other guitar stuff do I need?

A: To start, you'll need a capo, a tuner, and a pick. A strap is optional but can be helpful, especially if you prefer to stand while you play. If you're using an electric guitar, please be sure you have a way to amplify it as otherwise I won't be able to hear it.  If your guitar already has strings on it, check for rust. If you're playing on the same set of strings that have been on your guitar for four years, you may want to change them. :) I can help you with this in your first lesson.

My accessory recommendations are below:

• Kyser capo (excellent grip, affordable, does the trick!)

• Snark clip-on tuner (clips to the end of your guitar, easy, no cables needed)

• Fender medium picks (a good standard pick, comes in lots of colors)

• Fender practice amp (only if you're using an electric guitar)

• Elixir acoustic guitar strings (a bit more expensive than uncoated strings, but they last much longer - I recommend starting with light gauge until your fingers get stronger)

Q: My kid really wants lessons. Do you have experience teaching kids?

A: Yes, I love teaching kids! I started learning guitar at age ten, and I still remember how exciting it was. I've also been told by several parents that I "have the patience of a saint" when it comes to teaching their kids. 

Q: Can I buy lessons for someone else as a gift?

A: Absolutely! Just send me an email after you purchase the lesson(s) with the recipient's name and contact info, and any message you'd like to pass along with your gift. I'll take it from there.

Q: I want to learn a specific song(s). Can you help me with that?

A: Definitely, unless it's the Bach Cello Suites (although actually, in high school I did learn to play the first of the six suites on classical guitar). 

Have a question I didn't address here? Get in touch.

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