NEW ALBUM! "World Brand New" Coming Fall 2023!

World Brand New, the stunning self-produced follow-up to Mouths of Babes' award-winning full-length debut Brighter in the Dark, is a Folk/Americana album in the old-fashioned sense: an album with an arc, meant to be listened to all the way through on good headphones with no distractions. With ten songs that range from stuck-in-your-head catchy to cinematic and orchestral, married duo Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth take you on the Hero’s Journey hinted at in the cover art: One must venture out to the turbulent sea, step fully into the chaos of the world, and face a reckoning, in order to finally come home. The album can be read as an inner journey, a relationship coming full-circle, and/or a national reckoning — and is meant as all of these. 

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Unreleased Demo: "Bethlehem"


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