"A seamless blending of Ingrid's Americana-oriented style with Ty's pop-influenced sound, Mouths of Babes might be the most compelling queer duo since the Indigo Girls."  Bay Area Reporter

“If I was forced to categorize it, I’d call it modern folk. It’s powerful, romantic, and giddy. And the two are insanely infectious together onstage, like a musical and a personal love fest all at once.”  Huffington Post

“The songs they write and perform together fuse blues, folk, and soul, and the depth of emotion found in their lyrics is reminiscent of all that’s moving about [music].”  —MTV

"[Ty and Ingrid] offer unique counterpoints to one another. The laid back Tylan, nattily dressed in a tie and crisp suit jacket, has a rich, lovely alto. Elizabeth, clad in a sultry pink satin mini-dress, is a sassy chanteuse with a lilting soprano. Trading jokes and sharing elegant harmonies, the two women displayed an intuitive professional bond."  Chicago Tribune

"The poignant honesty that [Ty] brings to her tunes gives them an emotional intensity that’s as bracing as it is moving. She asks the unanswerable questions that plague the end of relationships, and while she doesn’t have answers, the questioning provides its own kind of solace."  Relix Magazine

“The fiery redheaded bassist [Ingrid Elizabeth] the unabashed, unapologetic woman who isn't afraid to yell it all from the rooftops.”  Curve Magazine

“Ty’s practice of extending metaphors out toward a precipice keeps an unpredictable edge to [her] songs. Most writers would stop at the easy close. Ty jumps, leaving much to imagination, to powerful effect. Ty’s expressive alto brings quiet energy to her introspective ballads, nursing a negotiation of life from pain to acceptance, if not peace.”  —Americana Gazette

"This pair of road warriors sounds refreshingly new and breathes new life into a seemingly overcrowded genre. Those who enjoy acoustic music rich in passion and fervor would be wise to check [them] out."  —Submerge Mag


"A ridiculously infectious collection of Americana ... this outstanding album flies the flag for compassion, understanding and change, which we’d all do well to salute."  Folk Radio UK

"It was such a lift to hear the insight, the joy, and the good old catchiness of this beautiful album. The sobering political commentary in the more pointed songs…even that was healing in its clarity and conscience."  Dar Williams

"A harmonious blend of folk and indie elements, featuring soulful vocals and uplifting melodies... a sonic journey that invites listeners to embrace change and see the world with fresh eyes."  Glasse Factory

“['World Brand New'] is a journey, an auditory odyssey that will have you swimming into an ocean of sounds, from irresistibly catchy tunes to grand, cinematic orchestrations...the duo weaves a heartfelt folk/Americana narrative, enchanting with its gorgeous harmonies, rich, mellifluous vocals and introspective lyrics.”  MusicNGear

“As Greenstein and Elizabeth’s voices rise in tandem, we are reminded of the importance of unity in the face of hardship. Above all, though, hope is the key, and that’s the emotion that binds 'World Brand New' together.”  Rainbow Rodeo

"[‘World Brand New'] cements the duo as one of today’s finest storytellers."  Countrypolitan



"Mouths of Babes could never have predicted how necessary this album is in a post-Trump world. The album title is fitting. We need music that shows people struggling against social expectations, that reminds us that we all have the resilience we need to make it through." —No Depression 

9 stars out of 10 "An eclectic arsenal of songs, showcasing their knack for fusing blues, folk, and soul with poetic lyrics [and] great choruses that are oh-so-easily stuck in your head. The guitar work is excellent, from the twinkly intros of tracks such as 'Black Tea, Red Wine' and the darker tones of tracks such as 'Brighter In The Dark' incredibly versatile record. One of my new favourite listens.” —Thinking Lyrically 

“'The Red Carpet' opens with a thumping percussion and subtle strings, a gorgeous, sneaking intro leading to sweet, simple vibrato singing...Next, powerful harmony busts onto the scene as Ingrid and Ty share their soulful soprano and cool alto respectively. During the hook that doubles as a quick love story, constant instrumentation fills the empty spaces with shaking jingles and beating electric rhythms. Together, the duo create a catchy ballad full of tender melody, sweeping arrangements, and dreamy lyrics.” —Elmore Magazine 

"'Brighter in the Dark' combines their love of romance, storytelling, and vocal harmonies in an mix of ballads, smoky blues, and dances. Friends and expert musicians including members of Girlyman and Coyote Grace, Birds of Chicago, Mai Bloomfield (Jason Mraz), and Tania Elizabeth (Avett Brothers) were brought in to sessions at Cotati, California’s Prairie Sun Studios to provide instrumentation including pedal steel, hammond organ, piano, and strings. The result is a warm groove that perfectly builds off a single guitar line...into a full-bodied self-assured conclusion.” —She Shreds Mag 

"[Mouths of Babes'] recordings and live appearances have won passionate praise from across the continent.” —The Voice Magazine


JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST (Finalist): "Brighter in the Dark" (2018)
INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS (Winner, Best Social Action Song): "Any Other Day" (2018)
KICKSTARTER STAFF PICK (Fundraiser for "Brighter in the Dark") (2017) 

Awards from previous projects:
Nominee, 7th Annual Independent Music Awards, 2008 – Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album of the Year: "Joyful Sign" (Girlyman)
Nominee, Outmusic Awards, 2006 – OutSong of the Year: "Young James Dean" (Ty Greenstein)
Winner, Outmusic Awards, 2006 – Outstanding New Recording-Duo or Group: "Little Star" (Girlyman)
Nominee, 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards 2006 – Outstanding Music Artist (Girlyman) 
Winner, Outmusic Awards, 2004 – Best New Album: Remember Who I Am (Girlyman)
Top Ten Finalist, Plowshares Songwriting Contest, 2004 (Ty Greenstein) 
Winner, 3rd Annual Independent Music Awards, 2004 – Song, Folk/Singer-Songwriter Category: "Viola" (Girlyman)
Winner, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Most Wanted Artist, 2003 (Girlyman)