Join us in The Baberhood (our Patreon community)!

What is The Baberhood?

The Baberhood is the gathering place for the Mouths of Babes community, where we interact with and share our newest, rawest, and most exciting material with our fans. The vibe in The Baberhood is much like our live shows – a container of realness, laughter, tears, creativity, compassion, and genuine connection, so we can all recharge, gather our strength, and let all the feels out. 

The Baberhood is also the *only* place where we share our unreleased material, rough demos, and the inside scoop on why we do what we do (and how). What you’ll get here is way beyond what you’ll see on Facebook or Instagram. As a patron, you’re part of our inner circle and that means a LOT to us. 

So much has changed for us over the last couple years, and because of Covid-19, we can't tour at all right now. Thanks to continued fan support on Patreon, we’ve been able to create a virtual space for our community to gather and share songs all year round. 

We hope you’ll join us