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"Hands down the best new music I've heard in years. It's damn near perfect. The instrumental performances, the arrangements, and OMG the songwriting and singing. The opening tune 'Thing with Feathers' gave me goosebumps. Twice. This is the kind of music that makes you glad to be alive." –Michael Mullane, Cafe Veritas

"Go see this band - and prepare to fall in love! Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth have an absolutely mesmerizing kismet together, and individually are both accomplished musicians and singer songwriters. They played two sets for our sold out crowd, and showed us versatile, fun-loving, moving, accessible and simply beautiful songwriting. Mouths of Babes deliver, with voices that touch every note with beauty and harmonies that pull you in to the music even deeper. We are beyond thrilled to have hosted these two and can't wait to have them back!" –North End Concert Series

"[Ty and Ingrid] offer unique counterpoints to one another. The laidback Tylan, nattily dressed in a tie and crisp suit jacket, has a rich, lovely alto. Elizabeth, clad in a sultry pink satin mini-dress, is a sassy chanteuse with a lilting soprano. Trading jokes and sharing elegant harmonies, the two women displayed an intuitive professional bond." –Chicago Tribune (review of show at Evanston SPACE)

"[Ty and Ingrid] harmonize perfectly...[their] songs are emotional and have a personality all their own, [and they] gave me goose bumps for not only being so beautifully written, but because of the powerful messages. As a fan of both of these ladies' individual bands, I was not surprised that this project is also quite a success." – (review of show at Sanctuary Concerts)