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10/27/16 Behind the scenes video, pre-order the CD! 

We are holding in our hands the finished master of Mouths of Babes' first full-length album, "Brighter In The Dark." Yes, it's finally DONE! We couldn't be prouder of how it turned out or more grateful that we got to make it. And we can't WAIT for you to hear it. In the next few weeks, we'll be finishing up the album artwork and mailing out Kickstarter rewards and pre-orders.

Which reminds us...


We've just made "Brighter in the Dark" available for pre-order for a limited time right here. Holiday season is almost here, so even if you're already a Kickstarter backer, you can add additional copies of the CD to your rewards package. We'll get everything to you in time for the holidays. 

And now, as a little treat, we've put together this behind-the-scenes video to give you a little glimpse of what it was like making the album:

Oh, and if you're in the NORTHEAST in NOVEMBER, we're playing a few shows. Hope to see you!

WE DID IT! This calls for a montage. 

Woo hoo! WE DID IT! 

796 backers...$56,110...goal surpassed...THREE stretch goals nailed. Incredible! Thank you to each of our backers for your amazing, epic support! Y'all knocked it out of the park. 

It's difficult to express how much this means to us. Perhaps it's best said with a montage.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you and we can't wait for you to hear what we're cooking up! 

Ty & Ingrid

Stretch Goal #2 IN THE BAG. 24 hours left! 

WOW! We just reached our SECOND STRETCH GOAL! We are really feeling the love, y'all. We're thrilled to have a budget for tour support, and we're excited to send our $25 & up backers your GREATEST HITS albums. 

AND we still have 24 hours to reach for Stretch Goal #3: Music Videos - $55,000! If you've been enjoying our ridiculous little videos during this campaign, imagine what we could do with a little professional help (flash mob, anyone?). 

Because we love you, if we reach this goal, all backers at the $40 level and up will get a hanky that says, "All the feelings, all the time." Because you need it. For your feelings.

Only 24 hours left to become a backer!

On the road again... 

You guys, we have 3 DAYS LEFT to reach Stretch Goal #2 - $50,000 - Tour Support

We have a special treat for you if we get there: All backers at the $25 level and up will get an exclusive digital GREATEST HITS album of our favorite songs that we've ever recorded! The album will include songs from ALL our previous projects (Girlyman, Coyote Grace, Captain Gravel, The Garden Verge, Ty's solo album, and MoB's EP) as well as personal notes about each song.

Let's get this show on the road! 

First stretch goal NAILED! And 5 days left. 

UH-mazing! Last night, we watched as you all helped us nail our FIRST STRETCH GOAL

Thank you to everyone who has jumped on this folky bandwagon of feelings thus far...we are amazed, inspired, and energized by your belief in us. It is difficult to describe how incredible it feels to have this community as our backup band - a virtual sea of kindred spirits offering support and love. Wow, y'all. 

We still have FIVE DAYS left to do as much as we can do with this momentum, so let's keep it going! Next up: 

A huge part of releasing an album is taking it out on the road, but it's also one of the most expensive, and we can't always travel and far and wide as we'd like. Hitting this stretch goal would give us the leeway to travel to more cities for our CD release tours (possibly even internationally) and to bring along a musician or two when it makes sense to help fill out the sound. 

As a reward, we have a special treat for you: 

If we hit this stretch goal, ALL BACKERS at the $25 level and above will get an exclusive, digital SPECIALLY CURATED GREATEST HITS ALBUM of Ty & Ingrid's favorite songs they've ever recorded! The album will include songs from ALL our previous projects (Girlyman, Coyote Grace, Captain Gravel, The Garden Verge, Ty's solo album, and MoB's EP) as well as personal notes about each song. 

Five days...a lot can happen. So please keep sharing and let's make this Kickstarter one for the record books. ;) 

Thank you again for your love and support! 

Love, Ty & Ingrid

Last chance to DOUBLE your impact!  

This is it, friends - the home stretch! We have less than a week left to take the Kickstarter for the first Mouths of Babes full-length album as far as it can go. Earlier in the campaign, Ty's dad Ron generously helped us meet our minimum goal by matching your pledges. 

Now, as we reach for our FIRST STRETCH GOAL, Ingrid's dad Steve has made his own offer: 

*TODAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2016* 


"Like my uncle, Tom Eyen, who was about their age when he wrote the Broadway musical 'Dreamgirls,' Mouths of Babes is on the brink of reaching a new level. Let's help them cross the finish line with everything they need to get there." 

*Take Steve up on his offer and double your impact!* 

(Already a backer? All pledge increases will also be doubled today.) 

If we reach our FIRST STRETCH GOAL of $45,000 by next Thursday, February 25, we can put PUBLICITY & RADIO behind this album - a total game changer for an independent band like us. 

And as a "thank you," every backer will get an exclusive download of a song that WON'T be on the album! 

We know you've probably heard about this campaign a lot, so thanks for sticking with us. In less than one week, we'll go back to doing what we do best - making music. Until then, thank you for helping this project be all it can be! 

Much love, 
Ingrid & Ty



It's time to break out those sweatbands and leg warmers and REACH for our first stretch goal: $45,000 - PUBLICITY!  

If we raise $45,000, we'll be able to pay for a PROFESSIONAL PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN, including PRESS, RADIO, and INTERNET PROMOTION. This will give the album a much better chance of getting reviews and airplay and being heard by a wider audience.  

You all have been rocking this thing with your many shares and social posts. Let's keep it going so this album can get the promotion it needs to get out there and be heard!  


100% FUNDED! Pausing for deep gratitude. 

Sometimes in life you just have to pause and acknowledge how absurdly blessed you are. As we hit our first Kickstarter goal yesterday (which guarantees that our record will be funded), we thought about what a privilege it is to be handed a permission slip to go and make art. We thought about how rare and precious this opportunity is, and we thought about all the names we've seen come in over the past 2 weeks as new backers, and how with each new name we would say thank you out loud. Some pledges brought tears, either because they were unexpectedly generous, or they were from someone we didn't realize even had us on their radar (like Ingrid's high school French teacher!). 

Money is one part of this experience - and it has been amazing to see that kind of support flow in - but another part is what that money stands for - which is belief, love, the importance of art, and truly wanting us to realize our highest truth. That desire for other people to be happy, to get what they want out of life, and to help ensure they have the means to do it - that is love in action. It's amazing how deep something like a Kickstarter campaign can turn out to be. 

In the next couple weeks, we'll be turning the campaign towards reaching stretch goals, so that we can fund promotion of the album, CD release tours, and more. But we didn't want to let this moment pass without acknowledging how much this all means, especially as it really marks the beginning of a new life in music for us, after a long night in the desert when we each frequently doubted that such a thing was possible. 

Thank you, dear friends! 

Ty & Ingrid

Holy WOW! 

Holy wow, y'all! Thanks the generosity of Ty's dad and 116 of you, yesterday was an incredible day for our Kickstarter. In ONE DAY, we raised $6,024! That is stunning. It's inspiring. It was amazing to see so many new backers, as well as many people who increased their already generous pledges. 

We are now less than $1,000 from our goal, with 2 weeks left to see where else this campaign can go. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

We love you. xo Ty & Ingrid

Ty's dad is matching all pledges TODAY ONLY! 

Hi everyone, 

If you've already backed the Kickstarter for the first Mouths of Babes full-length album, thank you so much! It means the world to us. 

If you've been thinking about it, but haven't yet, today is a GREAT day to do it. Why?

 **TODAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2016** 

Ron Greenstein, Ty's dad (who is also a musician), is so excited about seeing this album get made that he has volunteered to match all pledges that come in today up to $1000. (Thanks, Dad!)   

Become a backer today and double your impact!  

(Already a backer? All pledge increases will also be doubled today.)  

We've been blown away by the outpouring of support for this project. We are inspired and humbled and thrilled. Huge thanks to everyone who has already made a pledge, shared the link, and generally thrown encouragement and love our way.  

We have just TWO WEEKS left to meet our goal. Together, we can do this!

Much love,
Ty & Ingrid

50% funded! We're HALFWAY THERE! 

Last night, we saw the total on our page hit $17,500, which (doing some quick math) means we're halfway to our goal! We can't even tell you how much this means to us - thank you for pledging, sharing, increasing your pledges, haranguing your families and office mates - it's all helping SO much. Please keep it going and let's do this!

We managed to capture our excitement on film last night: