Last chance to DOUBLE your impact!

This is it, friends - the home stretch! We have less than a week left to take the Kickstarter for the first Mouths of Babes full-length album as far as it can go. Earlier in the campaign, Ty's dad Ron generously helped us meet our minimum goal by matching your pledges. 

Now, as we reach for our FIRST STRETCH GOAL, Ingrid's dad Steve has made his own offer: 

*TODAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2016* 


"Like my uncle, Tom Eyen, who was about their age when he wrote the Broadway musical 'Dreamgirls,' Mouths of Babes is on the brink of reaching a new level. Let's help them cross the finish line with everything they need to get there." 

*Take Steve up on his offer and double your impact!* 

(Already a backer? All pledge increases will also be doubled today.) 

If we reach our FIRST STRETCH GOAL of $45,000 by next Thursday, February 25, we can put PUBLICITY & RADIO behind this album - a total game changer for an independent band like us. 

And as a "thank you," every backer will get an exclusive download of a song that WON'T be on the album! 

We know you've probably heard about this campaign a lot, so thanks for sticking with us. In less than one week, we'll go back to doing what we do best - making music. Until then, thank you for helping this project be all it can be! 

Much love, 
Ingrid & Ty

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