Mouths of Babes featured in The Huffington Post!

Big thanks to the Huffington Post for an excellent live show review and interview!

"Tylan Greenstein (formerly of Girlyman) and Ingrid Elizabeth (formerly of Coyote Grace) are that charming musical couple that everyone wants to sit next to at the dinner party. Before I even heard them perform, I got the chance to be their dining companion when I met them on an Olivia Cruise. 

Once the two, who call themselves Mouths of Babes, did take the stage the next night, I was hooked. And I certainly wasn't alone. The pair was so popular onboard that they had to book a larger venue for their second show. 

No wonder. They are an accomplished match. Between the pair, they have created more than a dozen albums and performed in -- literally -- thousands of shows. Their genre? If I was forced to categorize it, I'd call it modern folk. It's powerful. It's romantic. It's giddy. And the two are insanely infectious together onstage, like a musical and a personal love fest all at once."

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