100% FUNDED! Pausing for deep gratitude.

Sometimes in life you just have to pause and acknowledge how absurdly blessed you are. As we hit our first Kickstarter goal yesterday (which guarantees that our record will be funded), we thought about what a privilege it is to be handed a permission slip to go and make art. We thought about how rare and precious this opportunity is, and we thought about all the names we've seen come in over the past 2 weeks as new backers, and how with each new name we would say thank you out loud. Some pledges brought tears, either because they were unexpectedly generous, or they were from someone we didn't realize even had us on their radar (like Ingrid's high school French teacher!). 

Money is one part of this experience - and it has been amazing to see that kind of support flow in - but another part is what that money stands for - which is belief, love, the importance of art, and truly wanting us to realize our highest truth. That desire for other people to be happy, to get what they want out of life, and to help ensure they have the means to do it - that is love in action. It's amazing how deep something like a Kickstarter campaign can turn out to be. 

In the next couple weeks, we'll be turning the campaign towards reaching stretch goals, so that we can fund promotion of the album, CD release tours, and more. But we didn't want to let this moment pass without acknowledging how much this all means, especially as it really marks the beginning of a new life in music for us, after a long night in the desert when we each frequently doubted that such a thing was possible. 

Thank you, dear friends! 

Ty & Ingrid 


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